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All Illustrations in the book were done by Lynne Loss and artists in the Davis-Cheney Art Gallery.

"The Putz Family In DeJaVille:

Mother Putz Moves In"

DeJaVille is a place in our memories from childhood about people, places & things from the 1950's and the 1960's. Featuring unique characters, pets, cars and don't forget the good old sayings. From time to time we all love to reminisce a part of our life. This story will captivate the attention of all ages for different reasons. Pauline Putz and her Huge German Shepard Yogster move to DeJaVille to live in a back house behind her son Bernard and his family. She brings lots of unexpected outrageous fun and energy. Bernard is the life of the party by accident. Between his big toe and his pompadour he gets himself in hilarious situations that involve a toilet plunger a hot dog and a nosy neighbor. Be ready for a case of the giggles! Each character is likable and has a unique look and personality that will keep you entertained and looking for the episode.

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